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Wine and Dine as a King

Wine and Dine as a King


Enjoy a gourmet meal made of local products

Indulge in our delicious cuisine infused with organic ingredients and prepared by expert chefs. We are providing a wide array of fine dining establishments offering stunning views from every turn in a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Many of our meals are prepared from wild meat or mangalita(a rare heritage hog).

The gourmet products served by us are made from wild game and mangalitza (a rare heritage hog) celebrate the deep rich flavours inherent to these meats. Not only are our sausages and cured meats flavourful, they are good for your health and the environment.

Wild game and heritage meats like mangalitza are gaining popularity among diverse followers. Chefs and gourmets love them for their dynamic flavour; health conscious consumers prefer them as a low fat, high nutrient source of protein, while nature lovers and conservationists applaud them for their gentle touch on the environment.  We have outlined some of the pleasures and benefits of consuming wild meats. Once you have tasted our fine products, we are sure you find your own reasons for loving them.

Wild meats are sought after by chefs and home cooks alike for their rich woodsy or berry-like flavour. The exciting flavour of wild meat is largely due to its free-range lifestyle and foraging habits.  When prepared properly (with attention to its low-fat properties) wild game is tender and succulent. Because of their depth and complex flavours, our wild game products are an exciting edition to your table. They will bring new life and dimension to traditional favourites and inspire you to try new dishes as well.

Similar to wild game, mangalitza pork is renown for its superior flavour. This is due to its healthy natural diet of mixed grains and spacious, open-air living conditions. In the case of mangalitza though, the excellent flavour and texture of the meat is also attributable to centuries of breeding for quality instead of quantity. Mangalitza is a very old breed from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. It verged on extinction until only recently, when it was re-discovered by chefs. It is becoming famous again in culinary circles for its excellent tender meat, creamy fat and hearty ‘beef-like’ flavour.

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